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THE CONCEPT FOR THE SCHOOL came when Rickey realized that motorcycles were now capable of producing sub ten second pass with proper riding skills. Many riders marveled at the quick E.T’s that Gadson was able to achieve. Gadson used his riding prowess to produce the first 9 second pass on a stock 600cc motorcycle. This feat brought drag racing to grace the cover of Cycle World magazine. Gadson’s coaching has impacted many many riders and has helped shape top level drag racers.
Gadson is one of the most popular and successful motorcycle drag racers on the planet. As a student of Gadson’s Sportbike Drag Racing School (established in 2000), you will have one on one attention. RG can identify the problems and fears that can be associated with drag racing motorcycles. Gadson then will help you conquer those short coming to improve your racing ability This type of attention can be invaluable to a racer. Gadson’s over 30 years of drag racing knowledge and proven performance on the track has lead to training available people who want to learn to race properly, safe and be successful at your venture into motorcycle drag racing.
Drag racing is now receiving worldwide attention by everybody from TV journalist to world famous actors and racers. As the sport progresses the amount of people entering the sport has become staggering. Most try the trail and error approach only to spend thousands of dollars trying to go faster yet they have yet to address the real problem. Gadson’s past students have improved there skills and posted their best personal E.T record during the school.
You could become part of an elite group of people who have learned from one of the most successful racers in the history of drag racing.

In drag racing, acceleration is measured by elapsed time (et)—meaning, elapse time is calculated from the time your front wheel moves til the time it reaches the finish line 1320 feet later.
Before you line up, you gotta do a burnout. Doing a burnout heats up your tires and gets ‘em real sticky to create traction. It gets all the dirt, rocks and all the extra gunk off of them, too.
So you’ve seen the starting lights on a drag strip. We call this “the Tree”, or sometimes it’s called a “Christmas Tree”. Two invisible beams of light cross the starting line to trigger the staging process on “the Tree”. Once you cross the first beam, that’s what we call pre-staging. This is where you do all your final preparations and setup your clutch, rpm, feet and body position.
Inching forward into the second beam is called “staging”, and there’s no turning back here. It’s go time!
If using a Full Tree sequence—that’s 4 amber, 1 green and one red bulb that indicates a foul start (red light). There’s 5/10th’s of a second between each light and you better be ready to launch the moment it hits green, or all you’ll be seeing is tire smoke and tail lights.
The hardest part about drag racing is getting the start perfected! Leaving as quick as you can without being slapped in the face with the gas tank!
Once you’re flying down the track, this is when precision shifting is key. Missing a shift, or shifting short of the red line, can cost you upwards of 2/10 of a second. That may only be a blink of an eye but in drag racing, you can win or lose by as little as 1/1000 of a second.
And that’s the basic breakdown of drag racing.
Our school bikes are available for a discounted rental amount of $200 per day during our schools.
They are also available for rental during a race for $500 per day (plus a refundable $1000 damage deposit)
Students that also get a race rental during the same month after attending a school, get a discount.
​Fill out our Application form to best reach us and save your seat!

2 Day School   $1095.00 / 1495.00 w rental
This class is your premiere class into the Rickey Gadson drag racing experience. It is for anyone who hasn’t been through our school before. The lesson is catered to the students individual riding experience. This is made possible by our small class sizes.
Whether you’re the king/queen of your local track night or have never been down the race track in your life, we personalize this experience to your riding ability. Rickey will teach you the fundamentals of drag racing that you didn’t know existed.

It is also great for the riders who need to start again from scratch for those stubborn, hard to get rid of “bad habits”.

For the beginners we, go over the equipment, safety, bike, its controls and race track terminology.

And for the intermediate to advanced racers we go over perfecting the launch, burnouts,staging,clutch/throttle coordination,hand positioning, aerodynamics… etc.

We start out in the classroom and from there we will proceed to the racetrack to learn staging and the timing system. Rickey will mount up and show you what a good run looks like. Then you will suit up and get started. Ending with a one happy student!

Advanced classes $895.00 / $1095.00 w rental
are for riders looking to ahead in the competition side of drag racing and also riders who have been through the Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School previously.
This class starts exactly where the 2-day class left off, jumping right into an advanced lesson, ready to take you to that next level. Rickey will teach you the mental & competitive side of drag racing which has proven time and time again to be the advantage needed on race day. Rickey will create a more realistic race environment to teach you the skills of handling the pressures that race day can bring.

For returning students it is used as a refresher course. There is always something new to learn when returning to our school. This is the benefit of our small class sizes.

We’ll teach you things like, how to break down your time slips incremental numbers and see where you need improvement. How to improve your reaction time, deep staging, shallow staging, rolling the beams, the secret to dial ins for bracket racers, tricking your opponent, track temps, tire temps. Rickey will also teach you how the barometer, altitude, and humidity affect your bikes performance, and how to correct for it. Plus how to use a power commander when you are tuning at the track and other information that will become your tools to become a better drag racer
TAKE BOTH the 2-day and Advanced to get…   The 3 Day Experience $1890.00 / 2390.00 w rental
​ Experience the opportunity for 3 days to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with RG in your group to learn a combination of both the 2day and advanced lesson . This price reflects a $200 discount when you rent our ZX14R OR a $100 discount when you bring your own bike
Deposits  $300 minimum per class
​Deposits are required to save your seat in the school. Class sizes are small to insure you the attention that you’ll need to get experience you’re looking for. This means schools fill quickly. We suggest (once you select the school you want) that you make a deposit to save your spot.
All payments are non-refundable but are transferable if notified before the 30 day mark of the scheduled class.
Final payments are due 30 days before the scheduled date of your selected school.
Advanced Lesson (1 day)
w/ Race day simulation
Our fleet available for rental

Want ONE-ON-ONE time the Rickey Gadson ??? This is perfect. Learn to drag race in a class of your own. Make countless runs throughout the day, in privacy without the pressure of a crowd.

Private lessons are also ideal for ROAD RACERS looking to learn how to get a better start.
​$4000 per day
includes catered lunch and track rental (if we choose track), Private Lessons, 2 Day School
Kawasaki ZX14R
Group Attendees Discount    10K (for up to 3 days)
​If you are a group or organization.If you have a group of 6-15 people and a track in mind, you can hire Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School to come to you. Our fee is 10k (for up to 3 days) plus rental, traveling and lodging expenses. Here’s what you need to do. Contact the track you’d like us to come to and arrange a rental. Get your group of 6-15 people together (must have at least the minimum amount of students and not exceed the max on each day). Group leader(s) are in charge of fees that your group pays for class. Contact us to select a date that works with our schedule and yours. Our travel method is decided based upon time and necessity and up to our discretion. RGDRS may drive or need to fly to your location. ZX14 rental may or may not be available. If available bike rental is charged to student by us (rate ($200/day). School days are up to 8 hours which includes lunch break.