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Below are some frequently asked questions.

When considering taking lessons in drag racing, one must also consider some very important things.


  • Who is teaching me and what qualifies him?

  • How long is the class and how do I know that the school I choose works?

  • What do others that have taken the class think about their experience and their teacher’s ability to help them?

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Rickey Gadson is currently a 11x Champion in motorcycle drag racing. He has over 30 years of experience in motorcycles and has raced in almost every class of drag racing there is. He has raced in the AMA PROSTAR series, AMA Dragbike, NHRA, MIRock series, Manufacturers Cup series, NHDRO, IDBA, AHRA, IDBL and ETCA.

As a teacher and a mentor Rickey has (taught not only some of top racers you see now but also) successfully trained road racers like Eric Bostrom, Dane Westby and Corey Alexander on how to get off of the line quickly. Gadson has also been asked to train Advanced Military Riders on safety at high speeds and mentoring others. He has been called on to assist several major R&D (research and development) teams with his drag racing knowledge for expert advice.

But for his students… they see his patience, his experience and his way of explaining that makes them know they made the best choice to be taught/mentored by Rickey Gadson. It is the personal experience of Rickey taking them from the classroom, to the 1/4 mile and into competition that makes every student that has ever completed this school acheive their personal BEST EVER. Just check out what some of the past students had to say about their experience in our school. (Click here)

Rickey Gadson embodies the art of teaching, mentoring, articulating and motivating which is NOT something every person possesses. Others may race well but that doesn’t mean they have successful teaching methods and have the ability to teach others to race.  So be sure to select wisely and check references from people who actually attended our/other schools.

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The Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School was established over 17 years  ago (in 2000) and has been recognized by every major motorcycle magazine, featured on countless television shows and been the “go to” school of choice by the best in the business when it comes to drag racing. People and shows like The Tutles (Orange County Choppers), Jason Britton (Superbikes), Rev Jim (and the “Cafe Racers” show team) and many others have acknowledged that when it comes to learning about drag racing motorcycles, there’s only 1 choice.

If you want the proof that Rickey Gadson’s drag racing school works… Just look at the accomplishments of some our students. (Click here)

This school was the first of its kind. Before Rickey Gadson began teaching there were no schools geared specifically towards drag racing street motorcycles. Others have had clinics and lessons that last anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day.  Our school is 2-3 days of instruction and run after run seat time.

We are the ONLY school offering the option to rent Kawasaki ZX!4R. These machines are not only powerful but also the safest motorcycles (with proper instruction) to learn on.  Again, it is the personal experience of Rickey taking his students from the classroom (step A), to the 1/4 mile and into competition (step Z) that makes every student that has ever completed this school achieve their personal BEST EVER. Take a look at what some of the past students had to say about their experience in our school. (Click here)

Students fly in from all over the world to attend the Rickey Gadson School. Our students have been  quoted saying this is “the best money they’ve ever spent” to make they’re bike go faster. We believe our school is one of the most affordable performance mods you’ll ever make.

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The Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School is internationally recognized with students flying in from all over the world to attend. Places like Japan, Greece, South Africa, Canada, Barbados, Afghanistan and many other countries to attend.

 We are a school that travels and make ourselves right at home at various race tracks. The best way to know where we are scheduled to be this season is simply to look at our schedule and the track locations. Click the link.

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The quick answer: Yes

From time to time, Rickey may employ a team of great assistants to aid in running the schools smoothly. Part of that team usually includes his business partner, Kiana Gadson and you may even see past students like his nephew and ADRL Champion Richard Gadson,  or crew race team crew chief Gary P or others on occasion helping line up students or answering a question or two.

However since the school’s existence, classes and track lessons have been taught only by Rickey Gadson. It’s what you’ve asked for and what we promise.

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  • Only $300 deposit required to hold your seat

  • For 2 days with your own bike $1095

  • For 2 days renting the Kawasaki ZX14R $1495

  • For the 3 day experience (with advance lesson and race day simulation) bringing your bike $1890

  • For the 3 day experience (with advance lesson and race day simulation) renting our ZX14 $2390

  • For a returning student who wants a refresher in our advanced lesson only $895 or $1095 (w rental)

Notice the price shown reflects that we give a $200 discount when you rent our bike with a 3day and $100 discount when you bring your own. We also offer a Military discount of additional $50 off

Personalized payment arrangements are available.

For more about our classes, what they include and our race ready Kawasaki ZX14R click RGDRS.

To get started getting signed up click SIGN UP FOR CLASS .

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If you have a group of 10-15 people and a track in mind, you can hire Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School to come to you. The same applies if you are a group or organization. Our fee is 10k (for up to 2 days) plus rental, traveling and lodging expenses (limit on students apply). Here’s what you need to do. Contact the track you’d like us to host (come to you and arrange a rental) our next school in your state. If you get your group of 10-15 people together (must have at least the minimum amount of students and not exceed the max on each day). Group leader(s) are in charge of fees that your group pays for class. Contact us to select a date that works with our schedule and yours. Our travel method is decided by time and necessity. RGDRS may drive or need to fly to your location/Country. If we drive ZX14 rental will be available charged to student by us (rate ($200/day). School days are 8 hours which includes time for a lunch break.