Rickey Gadson is the most recognized face in motorcycle drag racing. Appearing in every major motorcycle magazine on the planet for his over 30 years of domination . With his “from the back streets to the Big Time” success story, he has a continued ability to cross over sport’s fans, “wow” the media worldwide, and garner fan attention unparallel to the sport of drag racing.

​Gadson has "single handedly brought motorcycle drag racing to the main stream media’s attention", through his ambassador status in the sport. His smooth charisma and television prowess has launched him to the top of his sponsors marketing campaigns. He has also starred in Kawasaki’s nationally advertised commercial on ESPN, ESPN2, SPEED CHANNEL, Velocity and FOX sports as well as anchored the companies social media internet campaign.

The Philadelphia native managed to land a Full time Factory Sponsorship and is only motorcycle drag racer on the planet to appear on the cover of all 4 major main stream national motorcycle publications. Winner of 11 National Championships and over 200 national events, he is the winningest racer in AMA drag racing history!

This former street racer turned professional man of speed and 11-time World Champion of motorcycle drag racing has traveled the world. From being an invited guest to the Mandela Mansion for his work in South Africa to being requested by director Reggie Bythewood as a consultant/stunt double with a cameo appearance in the star-filled motorcycle blockbuster movie "BIKER BOYZ," Rickey Gadson has a lot to be proud of.

Born of two motorcycle-riding parents (father a Philadelphia motorcycle riding legend and mother not only an avid rider but also a professional dancer found today in the library of congress), Gadson started racing at the age of 5. From that moment forward, he followed an unquenchable urge to 'go fast' unaware that it would turn into an extremely successful career. Often referred to as the "spokes-hero" of motorcycle drag racing, Gadson has won more championships than any other African-American athlete in the sport.


Gadson Is A 11 time World Champion Racer and an advocate of safety at the World renowned Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School.  At this school, attendees have their choice of several different course structures. as well as access to on site bike rentals. From one day experiences to multi day experiences, the intimate class sues allow for each student to have a catered tiding experience. the course subject matter for beginners covers equipment. safety. bike, and race track terminology. while the intermediate to advanced racers learn the launch, burnout. stage. clutch/throttle coordination, hand positioning. liming, aerodynamics. and a variety of other skills needed for a good run. Additionally Gadson Is contracted by the U.S. Military and by law enforcement across the nation to teach about motorcycle safety. as well as his experiences. at bases an over the country.


Currently Rickey Gadson is the winningest professional drag racer in American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) drag racing history. He holds the current record as the all time fastest man in India on two wheels and has obtained a similar record In South Africa as 'the fastest man In South Africa? Gadson Is a fully factory sponsored racer with Kawasaki USA and is the face of the ZX14-R. Currently representing top brands like Kawasaki, Speed N Strength, Brock's Performance, Motul Oil and Shinko tire.  Gadson is known by fans for using only the best of best products to help him stay on top. Gadson is currently the Drag Racing EDITOR for Sport Bikes Inc Magazine.  Magazine readers tune in to read Gadson's column, "Lines of a Legend" just to see what knowledge he Is sharing. Sport Bikes Inc is a great added tool to reach motorcycle enthusiasts In addition to the millions at Gadson's reach through social media pages, races, events and sponsor acts.



Gadson is an EXPERT in racing, which has led him to consult for several major companies for R&D of their products and appear on several television shows as well as in the Biker Boyz film as “the man who can make anyone fast.” He test rode factory motorcycles for every major motorcycle publication to show the machine’s full potential. He has filled in for Dave on the The Dave Despain Show and has appeared on Jason Britton’s hit show Superbikes, Greg White’s 2 Wheel Tuesdays, Epic Ride, 1000cc Raw Thrill, and ESPN’s Moto World, Discovery Channel’s American Choppers, as well as and more recently seen on multiple episodes of Café Racer on Discovery's Velocity Channel. Gadson is also a guest editor in several magazines like the former 2 Wheel Tuner magazine, Street & Strip Magazine and Motorcycle Performance magazine (as well as websites like Dragbike. com). He is the host on Kawasaki’s website advertising campaign www. because of his undeniable recognition as the official face of Kawasaki Sportbikes.  Gadson has also appeared in countless national television ads and modeled in Elizabeth Taylor's "Macy’s Passport Show" as well as several ad catalogs.


"11 time World Champion of Motorcycle Drag Racing"


One of the most recognized names in the sport!

Gadson is a name thats associated with speed. Because Rickey isn't your average drag racer, this champ has been all over the world. He's been a guest of the Mandela’s for his accomplishments in South Africa, as well as requested by director Reggie Bythewood as a consultant/stunt double with a cameo appearance in the star filled motorcycle block buster movie ”BIKER BOYZ”. Rickey started racing at age 5. Born of two motorcycle riding parents, Rickey didn't plan to be a Pro racer. He followed his undeniable urge to "go fast" and has now won more championships than any other African American athlete in motorsports.


GADSON is currently a TV HOST on the "Caffeine and Octane" show on Velocity,  the DRAG RACING EDITOR of "Sportsbike Inc Magazine" ( and has been a GUEST EDITOR in several magazines like 2 Wheel Tuner magazine, Street & Strip Magazine and Motorcycle Performance magazine. Also sites like

H​e has previously appeared on Jason Britton’s hit show "Superbikes", Greg White’s "Two wheel Tuesdays", "Epic Ride","1000cc Raw Thrill", ESPN’s "Moto World",filled in for "Dave Despain", Discovery Channel’s “American Choppers”, and more recently seen on multiple episodes of “Café Racer” and "Naked Speed" on (Discovery owned) Velocity Channel.

The drag racing ICON operates the first Sportbike Motorcycle Drag racing school (which is the only of it’s kind) and also has been contacted by the US NAVY to teach advanced motorcycle mentorship training at selected bases.
RG also host Kawasaki’s website advertising campaign because of his undeniable recognition as the official face of Kawasaki sportbikes and with a career full of "first" essentially one of the most recognizable face in Motorcycle History.




-Gadson became one of the host and begin working on a new television series called "Caffeine and Octane". Soon to air on Velocity Channel in February of 2017. Even without the cameras, Caffeine and Octane is a nationally recognized all makes, all models monthly car show that regularly attracts over 1,500 muscle, classic, high performance and exotic cars. Since 2006, Caffeine & Octane has been the #1 choice for car enthusiasts to proudly display their amazing vehicles on the first Sunday of every month. You can expect to see a new mix of cars every month and likely something that you have never seen before at what has become the largest monthly car show in North America. Now with the help of the producers from Cafe Racer and other successful shows, "Caffeine and Octane" will be nationally televised with some super cool back stories for viewers to witness from their living rooms!! And your favorite drag racer and teacher will bring his knowledge and personality into your living rooms as well.


-Was a key consultant in the development and release of Kawasaki's first Supercharged motorcycle, the Ninja H2 and H2R. Following up as the face of the Ninja H2 in the US when Kawasaki Heavy industries bless him with a personalized one of a kind "Rickey Gadson" edition dubbed H2R-G. Later in 2016 Gadson revealed his own line a RG62 Performance Products for the Kawasaki H2 (currently sold in his online store).


-Won his 11th Championship in the Real Street(RST) classin the Manufacturers Cup Seriers Also owns the turbo RST record in MiRock Seriers for low ET at 7.70


-Set low et and qualified #1 and won the last 2 races with the last being at Manufacturers Cup Finals in Florida in RST on turbocharged ZX14R. (ET- 7.77 193mph)


​-Won his 10th Championship in Real Street
-Starred in Kawasaki's nationally televised mini series "Zero to Hero" which featured his drag racing school
- Lauched a Rickey Gadson line of Motorcycle Gear by Speed and Strength
​-Appeared twice on Discovery Channel's hit show "Cafe Racer"
​- National Commercial on ESPN and SPEED Channel on Kawasaki’s ZX14R
​-The central focus for Kawasaki’s ZERO TO HERO promotional campaign.
- Rickey appeared on the cover of Motorcyclist magazine as he post the quickest run in history for a production motorcycle. Also made an appearance in Cycle World,Sport Rider,and Super Streetbike magazine.
- made the cover of South Africa's "Biker Lifestyle" magazine
- Speaker at Camp Pendleton and JBAB military base on military safety training days for motorcycles.


-Gadson was the key figure to launched the new 2012 ZX14R in Vegas for Kawasaki and the media.
-Rode 700 miles to Myrtle Beach for bike week for pediatric diabetes
- appeared on the cover of Cycle world Magazine for running the fastest time ever on a production bike (2011 Kawasaki ZX10R).
-Set a new landspeed record on the 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R at 206mph,debut the new 2012 ZX14R in front of the associated press for Kawasaki motors corp.
​-Finished 3rd in RST class
-finished 2nd in Crazy 8’s


Became the fastest African American on 2 wheels when he rode the 254hp Competition CNC ZX14 to a Land speed run of 218mph.
Finished the MIROCK series in #2 position in “Crazy 8’s”(8.88 index) and #3 in the RST(Real Street) class.


Championship #9-this was the year for Gadson to make his come back in the Supersport class and prove that his age is timeless. Ignoring the fact that he was, in some cases 130 pounds heavier than the competition, RG went on to reach 6 out of 7 final round appearances, winning 4 and setting and re-setting the record 4 times throughout the season to an astounding 8.90 on his stock wheelbase 2009 Kawasaki ZX14.
- Already the first American Drag Racing Champion to race on South African soil, 09 marked the year Gadson became the fastest man to ever race on 2 wheels in South Africa. Rickey, who was riding the turbocharged ZX12 Pro Mod owned by BEAR Engineering's Pierre Labuscagne, broke the 25 yr TOP FUEL record of 7.52 in front of 20 thousand cheering SA fans. Rickey ran the fastest time ever in Africa at 7.34 310kph.


Championship #8- went on to dominate the 1000SS Supersport class with 6 of 8 wins and national championship no #8.


CHAMPIONSHIP no #7 in the highly contested Street Bike Shootout class where Gadson became the winningest rider in the class with 11 straight wins in 2 seasons. Rickey posted the fastest pass ever for a no-wheelie bar bike at 7.36 197


Called on by Reggie Bythewood (producer) for a cameo appearance in the movie “BIKER BOYZ”
-Appearance on the "Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere" of Biker Boyz


​Established the “Rickey Gadson motorcycle drag racing school”


CHAMPIONSHIP no # 6-Won third consecutive AMA/Prostar Pro Superbike National Championship


​CHAMPIONSHIP no #5- became the sport first full-time factory-sponsored motorcycle drag racer.
Won second consecutive AMA Prostar Pro Superbike national championship winning 6 of 8 races


CHAMPIONSHIP no # 4- Won AMA Prostar Pro Superbike national championship winning 6 of 8 races


CHAMPIONSHIP no # 3- Won first AMA Super Sport National Championship winning 7
of 8 races during the season


CHAMPIONSHIP no # 2-Won Pro Comp Challenge World Championship and AMA "Rookie of the Year" Honors


-Championship # 1-won 1st sportsman national championship in TOP GAS